Happiness arlo and the orca

This poem was also made for arlo and the orca when stacy and Monique walker came to our class.


Happiness is laughing 

Feels fun 

Like a pure and happy life

Refreshing,clear ,sweet

Cheerful laughter on a sunny day

Doing thing you like

Happiness smells like a strong sweet flower

Like , YAY , wooh 

Joy in your heart

A large grin

Birthday cakes


Like summer

Happiness is about being who you are and having fun with friends and family.

sadness poem Arlo and the orca

This is also another poem we made with stacy and monique.




Cold tear dripping of your face

Water and cold air


Tear running down your face

Like a cold gasted of wind

You are no one

Tears dropping out of your eyes

Into the ocean

Salty tears

Hu hu hu hu 

You ‘ve had enough 

Crying salty tears and sweat

Bitter feeling of guilt ,depression and regret 

Sadness is  

blue , rainy day. 

Arlo and the Orca poem

A collaborative poem written by all of Room 8. this poem expresses our feelings about looking through the eyes of Arlo from Arlo and the orca by Monique walker.


Anger feels like letting your rage out 

A clench fist

Blood , salty sweat

Growling and yelling

Rough and hot 

Like a red face

Anger smells like danger

Like air

Shouting and screaming 

Painful and hurtful

Madness and crazy actions of destruction

Like smoke

Burning cole

A fire raging and glowing limitlessly 

Anger is an is an emotion we want to show our not

Anger  starts when we get upset with something


This week Monique and stacey came to class and presented Monique’s book. we learnt that it is ok to cry and that life can be a moody and  stormy with waves of emotion but remeber the sun will alway come back and shine .

Thank you very much to Monique walker  for writting the book and for Stacey for presenting it to us and thank you to Jesse and Catherine for doing a dance for us we are very thankful.


(3) Diary Entry


Today was my first day at school , words cannot be enough to explain the experience. The feeling of being with kids my own age. The sound of birds chirping, my parents telling me to do my best. Everyone smiling , playing and laughing. The smell of school lunches. I felt so delighted.